Offering hands-on consultancy for startups, SMEs as well as corporates and the public sector

We’re as much founders as we’re freelancers that love to build products!

We built basically everything that is digital: Complex Transport Management Systems, Marketplaces, digital Application-Services, APIs, Apps, Decks, you name it!

The companies we’ve helped build great products

… and many others!

Who we are

Mika Koopmann

Bachelor of Science (Engineering)

10+ years creating digital products in different roles for young startups as well as multi-national corporates and clients from the public sector.

Within the last 5 years I had the privilege of working as product X in all kind of industries from logistics, automotive, healthcare as well as public affaires.

Co-Founder of two startups, always eager to learn and share!

X = (owner, manager, consultant, fire extinguisher 👨‍🚒 , …)

Tobias Schmid

M.Sc. Informatik
B.Sc. Software-Engineering

15+ years developing and engineering all kind of SW & SW/HW systems. Grew up with C/C++, loving R&R but always exited about the next technologies.

Within different roles X, I was part of some amazing (digital) products.

Co-Founder of two startups, there’s no reason not to make it awesome !

X = (consultant, QA, backend developer, API designer, scrum master, lead developer/CTO, 👨‍🚒 …)